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Wetter weather is causing huge drainage problems for all land users in Ireland. The problems are exacerbated by the fact that many land drains are blocked and unable to function effectively.

Land drains are created using perforated underground pipes, usually covered with broken stone. Surface water soaks down through the stone, through the perforations in the land drain pipe and flows to an open drain close by.

Over time the land drains collect sand, silt, roots from plants and in certain areas minerals from high mineral soils. This causes a restriction in flow and if left untreated will eventually cause the pipe to become completely blocked.

The Solution?

Land Drain Cleaning is the solution. The method is endorsed by the State and is in the Teagasc Guidelines Booklet on Land Drainage. View the Booklet.

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Who can benefit from Land Drain Flushing?

  • Farmers – Land drains on agricultural land
  • Sports grounds – Running and athletics tracks
  • Golfing – Golf courses, driving ranges, fairways and green drainage
  • Football pitches – GAA, Soccer, Rugby pitches
  • Horse industry – Race courses, lunging and exercise arenas, gallops
  • Amenity areas – Playgrounds, adventure centers, community parks
  • Domestic householders – Septic tank percolation pipes
  • Commercial & Industrial – Car parks, Piggeries, Livestock marts etc.

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