How it works?

Wetter weather is causing huge drainage problems for all land users, from farmers to sports grounds etc. The problems are exacerbated by the fact that many land drains are blocked and unable to function effectively.

Land drains are created using perforated underground pipes, usually Drain Cleaning 2covered with broken stone. Surface water soaks down through the stone, through the perforations in the land drain pipe and flows to an open drain close by.

Over time the land drains collect sand, silt, roots from plants and in certain areas minerals from high mineral soils. This causes a restriction in flow and if left untreated will eventually cause the pipe to become completely blocked.

Due to the high annual rainfall levels experienced in the Northwest of Ireland and the heavy soils, almost all farmland, golf courses, football pitches, race courses and amenity areas will have at least some land drains installed.

As there is practically no Land Drain Flushing being done at present, locating the pipes can often prove difficult.

Once located, the drains are often found to be blocked with debris or blocked as a result of damage caused by heavy machinery etc.

The current solution to clean land drains is to manually push rods up the pipe, this is a time consuming labour intensive operation and usually has only limited success. Land drain flushing employs a specialised land drain flushing machine manufactured by Homburg in Holland. Homburg are world leaders in the manufacture of this type of equipment and have a great deal of experience in Land Drain flushing as much of the land area in Holland is drained by land drains.

In simple terms, the machine which is tractor driven consists of a 300 meter roll of diameter 30mm plastic piping, a high flow, low pressure water pump, a robotic arm to present the nozzle at the entry point of the land drain, a guide nozzle which enters the land drain, and a hydraulic motor to drive the nozzle up the land drain pipe.

The standard nozzle has one forward and three backward spray projections which dislodge any mineral deposits, roots, sand and silt and other debris inside the land drain pipe. The high volume flow from the pump then flushes this material out.

Ironically one of the main requirements for the land drain flushing process is a good supply of reasonably clean water. Ideally this supply is in a nearby drain or stream and the machine draws the water through a filter and suction hose. In the absence of a nearby supply of water can discuss other options such as supplying a large 10,000 litre bowser to draw water to the site.

Click on video to see the machine in operation…