Our Services

Land drains flushed and cleaned –Mineral deposits (iron), roots, sand and silt and other debris flushed using high flow and low pressure water system.

Land drains with perforated pipe – Smooth wall and corrugated pipe of any diameter using specially designed nozzles with various projection patterns

Old land drains with clay pipes – A tapered nozzle guide cage attachment ensures the nozzle travels through the clay pipes without causing damage even
if they are mis-aligned

Septic tank percolation pipes– Flushed and cleaned to allow septic tank function properly and aid passing inspection.

Tracker attachment to pin-point blockages– EasyLoc RX Tracker System allows blockages that cannot be flushed to be found over-ground so minimal digging necessary to access the damaged land drain pipe.

Sports surfaces – Sensitive surfaces such as football pitches, golf courses etc. are our specialty, low ground pressure tyres fitted to the tractor ensure no surface damage while drain flushing.

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